4th TangoTrain in December 2017 well underway

We are about done planning the 4th edition of this great cooperative initiative. This year it includes a new venue for three of the matinees as well as most of last years top milongas, together organising a train of fine milongas!
We start off with Salon Plantage, the traditional host of December 26th, followed by TangoTerras, Tango11, TangoTerras and La Bruja in De Duif.
On December 31st we can all take a rest or enjoy the many options the city has to offer. Check here for some suggestions!

Join Plantage again for their traditional new years event on January 1st. And if you haven’t had enough, consider to visit Los Locos on January 2nd for the TangoTrain afterparty.

From 27-29 December, KYAS tangosalon will host the matinees, and on 30 December Tinta Roja will do the honours.

With this 4th TangoTrain, Amsterdam continues a longstanding tradition in the last week of december, with the core of the Amsterdam tangoscene giving you the best of what Amsterdam has to offer.

As we did last three editions, each salon in the TangoTrain stands on it’s own, with it’s own character, it’s own organization. But together they form a long train taking us to the same destination: a well-filled last week of the year, with both local and international allure.
Because Amsterdam has it!

Wouter & Jan Dirk