See you again in December 2016!

Last december we saw the second edition of the TangoTrain, a milonga-week in Amsterdam in the last week of the year, combining the efforts and locations of a large number of Amsterdam organisers.

We are very gratefull for the succes, and we are ready to plan the third edition!
So set your agenda’s again starting December 26th 2016 until Januari 1st 2017.

The program will be similar so expect roughly the same milongas. In due time we will update the detailed programme.

Each salon in the TangoTrain stands on it’s own, with it’s own character, it’s own organization, but together they form a long train that goes in the same direction: to a well-filled last week of the year, with both local and international allure.
Because Amsterdam has it!

Click here to see an overview of last years Milongas