5th TangoTrain ready to go in December 2018

We are ready for our next great trip on the TangoTrain!

With this 5th edition, from 26 December straight unto January 1st, Amsterdam continues a longstanding tradition in the last week of december, with the core of the Amsterdam tangoscene giving you the best of what Amsterdam has to offer.

New this year are La Bruja matinées on Saturday and Sunday and Jorge, Damian, Vanessa & Anna are joining the TangoTrain with milonga La Gran Pichuco on Newyears Eve.

The program is filled now with a total of 5 matinees and 8 milongas in 8 different locations.
Enjoy afternoons with KYAS tangosalon and La Bruja matinées, and gran milongas like De Duif and Muziekgebouw. See the milongas page for details.

As was the case in all previous editions, each milonga in the TangoTrain stands on it’s own, with it’s own hosts, character and organization. But together they form a long train taking us to the same destination: a well-filled last week of the year, with both local and international allure.
Because Amsterdam has it!

Wouter & Jan Dirk