dj Age Akkerman


Age leads dancers through the whole spectrum of emotions of the classics with delicate, romantic, rhythmic, energetic and dramatic tangos. He wants a flow of coherent tandas, developing and varying smoothly and naturally, creating and following the mood with a reliable stream of danceable music, based on the golden classics, spiced up with lesser-known jewels. Age loves sung tangos, but uses the energy of instrumental tandas too.
Analyzing the speed/pitch variations, Age found that many tangos have been transferred at incorrect speeds. He has developed a technique to retune tango to its original tempo and pitch. The result often sounds surprisingly different, more natural and much better (see
Age made a script to project his playlist info with a beamer on the wall.
Age is a resident DJ at various milongas in the Netherlands and a DJ duo with Sebastian Coli Bazzini. Together, they organizes the monthly milonga El Cielo which is part of TangoTrain in December in Amsterdam. Once a month they organize the classical milonga el Cielo. They are happy to contribute with the Matinées to the marathon feel of this event: non-stop dancing and having a dinner together.

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