Who is Who?

We like to present to you the people behind all these wagons on our TangoTrain, to give you a feel of who we are, and what we have to offer!

Wouter & Jan Dirk Wouter & Jan Dirk

Partners in crime, joined forces in 2006, organising their TangoTerras salons at one of Amsterdams finest and most spectacular locations: the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.
They have organised the Amsterdam Tangomarathon for the last 8 years.
Wouter is also owner of the fine restaurant the CousCousClub and Jan Dirk was the editor of the Dutch tangomagazine, La Cadena, for many years

arjan-marianne-tangotrain14 Arjan & Marianne

Dance tango since 1991.
Their experiences are based on numerous stays in Buenos Aires and their contacts and lessons with Pepito, Aurora and Firpo.They teach since 1994, run the thriving tangoschool Tango Amsterdam, and organize the weekly and monthly milonga De Plantage. Arjan & Marianne perform regularly ao in 2006/7 in the show Tango Heroes of Carel Kraayenhof.
Arjan performs many years as dj ‘el Irresistible’.

Sebas_Age Age & Sebastián
This dj is an enthusiastic maratonero. He spends many weekends dancing and dj-ing outside Amsterdam, but once a month he is in his hometown to organize the classical salon el Cielo. Age’s project on retuning tangos to their correct speed and pitch led to more awareness of this problem among djs and cooperation with TangoTunes (see and listen http://tangodjduo.nl/). With the Matinées Age is happy to contribute to the marathon feel of this event: non-stop dancing and having a dinner together.
4locos Koos, Koosje, Wim and Martin

They are the hosts of Los Locos, a milonga which has been organized in the center of Amsterdam every Tuesday for the last 6 years. Well over 300 amazing tango nights of high quality dj-ing, milonguero dancing and good company.

The home of many tango globetrotters, Los Locos is used to seeing international guests and excited to contribute to the TangoTrain experience!

Marijke Marijke

She is a visual artist and a dancer. The culture and artistic quality of Argentine Tango inspired her to create 7 dance productions; 16 international Tangomagia festivals; and Amsterdam milongas such as De Boksschool and salon De Duif.

As a teacher, amongst others she initiated the TangoN project (tango for young people) in collaboration with the Amsterdam University.
She organizes her favorite milonga, Tango11 (Kompaszaal) since about 12 years.

Corine_b Corine

She has been at the heart of Amsterdam tango for over 20 years, promoting, teaching, inviting high profile milonguero maestros and organising the La Bruja milonga since 2007.
Always on unique locations, La Bruja has become the favourite of milonguero style dancing in Amsterdam.

Danielle_b Danielle

Dancer, teacher, host at Tangostudio Amsterdam


Mira & Lucas

Dancers, teachers, hosts at Tinta Roja Amsterdam